Nutrient X


Country Life

• Exclusive to Country Life, Realfood Organics Women's Daily Nutrition is a comprehensive, whole food derived multivitamin and mineral complex designed specifically for women

• Supports Energy Metabolism

• Supports Immune Health (D3)

• Includes 100% Inner Filet Aloe Vera

• Provides the equivalent of one fluid ounce ofAloe Vera per serving

• Delivers two servings of fruits and vegetables

• Includes 100% RDI of many essential vitamins

• Contains whole cranberry.

• Thec Vitamin C derived from acerola and amla and many other fruits and vegetables

• Employs the Cryo-Active State process which;

• Incorporates over 50 fruits, vegetables, seeds, sprouts, legumes, and more

• Prepares these whole foods through a proprietary fermentation process

• Preserves 100% of the nutritional content of the concentrated whole food ferment through a proprietary freeze drying method

• Provides a high ORAC whole food concentrate

• Certified Vegetarian

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