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UltraLean Thermo MAX


ULTRALEAN THERMO MAX offers stronger support for weight loss. This product is a stimulant and helps modulate metabolism.

STIMULANT THERMOGENICS such as caffeine anhydrous and green tea leaf extract act to stimulate thermogenesis or fat burning. Those with hypersensitive nervous systems should avoid this product.

HOODIA GORDONII assists appetite regulation and sustained energy while following a low-calorie weight reduction program.

NON-STIMULATORY FAT METABOLISM ENHANCERS (E.G., NOPAL CACTUS LEAF, COLEUS FORSKOHLII, L-CARNITINE): Nopal is a vegetarian fat blocker derived from the cactus leaf. It works similarly to chitosan (shellfish source) without the animal source or risk of shellfish allergy. By combining with dietary fat in the intestine and blocking absorption, fewer fat calories are absorbed with each meal. Coleus acts to regulate cAMP, which supports healthy fat metabolism. Lastly, L-carnitine enhances the delivery and metabolism of fatty acids by cellular mitochondria. This supports mitochondrial energy metabolism, particularly in the adipocytes (fat cells). This can be helpful in an overall weight loss program.

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