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UltraClear SUSTAIN


UltraClear SUSTAIN® is a medical food formulated to provide specialized nutritional support, including amino acids and prebiotic factors, combined with readily digestible, low-allergenic-potential macronutrients for patients with leaky gut syndrome. Featuring L-glutamine and a blend of fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and inulin, this formula supports intestinal mucosal health and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria to address dysbiosis associated with leaky gut syndrome.

  • Supports GI mucosal integrity.
  • Supports a healthy microbial balance.
  • Nourishes the cells of the colonic mucosa.
  • Features low-allergy-potential rice protein.
  • Provides a readily absorbed and metabolized lipid source.
  • Formulated with nutrients such as zinc gluconate, L-glutamine, and pantothenic acid to nutritionally support gastrointestinal mucosa integrity.
  • Provides fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and inulin to support the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria.

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