Nutrient X

Pro Flora Colonizer



- Promotes healthy microflora colonization for a balanced intestinal and vaginal ecosystem

- MAKTrek technology allows up to 50 times more probiotics to colonize the small intestine

- Supports a healthy immune system

- May improve digestion and overall gastrointestinal function

PRO FLORA COLONIZER is a potent and viable combination of Lactobacillus acidophilus (LA), Bifidobacterium (BB), and Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LR). These strains of beneficial intestinal bacteria have a favorable effect on the balance of microorganisms in the human intestine. A healthy balance of intestinal microflora is important for the maturation of the immune system and the structural integrity of the intestinal lining. Probiotics are able to enhance the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa, thus reducing the adherence of pathogens and the absorption of allergens. Probiotics may also reduce allergenic responses and conditions such as intestinal hyperpermeability ("leaky gut") via mediation of the inflammatory response of the intestinal lining. Probiotic bacteria are also responsible for the synthesis of certain essential nutrients such as vitamins K, B12, and biotin.

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