Nutrient X

Premiere Greens Multi



- High-quality, vegan protein base

- Multivitamin and mineral

- Provides high ORAC blends of fruits, vegetable, unique greens, and specialty nutrients for antioxidant support

PREMIERE GREENS MULTI is a complete superfood meal supplement beverage designed to nourish the body with the vital nutrition it needs. Leading a busy, active lifestyle can make it difficult for patients to meet their daily needs for all the necessary nutrients. Premiere Greens Multi provides a multivitamin/mineral core, fruit and vegetable blends, enzymes, and unique specialty nutrients for an all-in-one approach to supplementing your patients’ nutritional needs to promote optimal health.

PEA, CHLORELLA, AND SPIRULINA PROTEINS provide a unique and great-tasting protein base. Pea, chlorella, and spirulina all have a low-allergenic potential, but still provide a complete source of quality protein. Along with therapeutic efficacy, taste is also essential to help ensure your patients comply with your protocols. This unique protein blend gives the Premiere Greens Multi a great vanilla taste and creamy consistency.

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