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PCA Skin Hydrator Plus Broad Spectrum SPF 30 - 1.7 oz

PCA Skin

This fragrance-free, hydrating daytime moisturizer with sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection with its in-part zinc oxide sunscreen. The formula contains some antioxidants and skin-repairing ingredients, allowing it to go beyond providing sun protection—and it is packaged to keep the antioxidants stable during use.

Although the company recommends this product for hot and humid climates, the formula doesn’t contain any ingredients that make it better for use in those circumstances. For example, this moisturizer with sunscreen isn’t labeled water-resistant, nor does it contain ingredients that help it adhere to skin better when it’s hot and humid and you’re perspiring.

Best for normal to dry skin (it doesn’t set to a matte finish as claimed), this is an option for breakout-prone skin because the amount of potentially pore-clogging zinc oxide isn’t too high, but it’s high enough that, when combined with the other active ingredients present, it provides reliable sun protection.

  • Provides broad-spectrum sun protection that includes zinc oxide for reliable UVA (think anti-aging) screening.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Contains antioxidants for repair and to boost the sunscreen’s efficacy.
  • A potentially good option for normal to dry skin prone to breakouts.
  • Despite the claim, this formula doesn’t contain anything that makes it better for use in hot, humid climates. It is not sweat resistant.
  • Does not set to a soft matte finish as claimed, though you could consider it “satin matte.



Smooth a nickel-sized amount onto skin after cleansing, toning and applying any PCA SKIN treatment serums. Allow to absorb 30 minutes prior to daytime exposure. Reapply after two hours of sun exposure and repeat every two hours as needed. - See more at:

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