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Setting Your Internal Clock

When your head hits the pillow at bedtime do you fall into a peaceful sleep? Or do you spend half the night tossing and turning, staring at the glow of your alarm clock as the minutes slowly pass by?

This herbal supplement of Melatonin from Bezwecken may be able to help.

Your body is supposed to make melatonin on its own, but it may be lacking in those who have trouble getting a full night's rest. This hormone is known to help control your sleep and wake cycles. Only small amounts are available in the food we eat, that's why many people choose to take it as a supplement.

If your body clock needs a little help understanding when it's time for some shuteye - or if you suffer from insomnia - a melatonin supplement like this could help you get back on the right schedule.

You'll get 240 melatonin pellets and can take up to five around 30 minutes before you plan to go to bed.

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