Nutrient X

Lightening Serum 1oz


What it is:
A radiance-boosting anti-aging serum for unevenly pigmented skin.

What it's used for:
glotherapeutics Lightening Serum features a triple action formula that targets, treats and prevents hyperpigmentation. Hydroquinone, lactic and kojic acids exfoliates to increase cell turnover while melanin inhibitors counteract the formation of dark spots. Vitamin C brightens your complexion and neutralizes free radicals. Witch hazel tones and balances pH levels for skin that is clear, even and healthy.


Apply a small amount to target areas or all over skin after cleansing and toning. If needed, follow with a glotherapeutics moisturizer. Use twice daily or as directed. 
Discontinue if no improvement in 3 months. • Lightening effect may not be noticeable on very dark skin. • Limit daily use to 6 months. • After 6 months of daily use, wait 1-2 months before resuming daily regimen. Notes • Sun alert: The AHAs in this product may increase skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. • Wearing a sunscreen daily is highly recommended. • A patch test is highly recommended at least 24-48 hours prior to treatment. • It is particularly important to observe sun protection during a brightening treatment. • Unprotected or excessive sun exposure can delay or inhibit results, or even exacerbate existing pigmentation problems."

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