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Krill-500 Antarctic Krill, 120 Softgels

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Krill Oil is the only krill oil on the market clinically proven to benefit cardiovascular, cognitive, joint and women's health. Other krill oils cannot use the benefits associated with the studies as their compositions and extraction procedures are not the same. Moreover, not all krill oils on the market are 100% derived from krill.
  • The only Krill Oil with "clinically proven" health benefits -- Krill Oil was awarded the best nutritional supplement in 2010 -- 1000 mg of pure 100% Krill Oil per Serving. Each bottle contains 120 softgels
  • Krill oil significantly supports normal cholesterol levels for heart health; improves joint flexibility and daily functioning for joint health; soothes mild physical and emotional symptoms of the menstrual cycle; and significantly improves brain functioning.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) are well known for their benefits on brain and heart health. Krill oil has also proven to be effective on joint and women's health.
  • In a clinical study, Krill oil was proven to be 2.5 times more bioavailable (better bodily absorption) than fish oil and other sources of omega-3 by comparing the increase of the Omega-3 Index from a baseline.
  • The products' quality is one thing, but more importantly, most of the omega-3s (EPA and DHA) in Krill oils are attached to phospholipids, making them different than fish oil in which the omega-3s are attached to triglycerides. Phospholipids contribute to a better absorption and utilization of the EPA and DHA by the body's cells -- These key components, along with the fact that Krill oil contains another active nutritional ingredient called astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant, ensure quality and effectiveness.

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