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InflamaZyme, 90 Capsules


- Formula comprised of key therapeutic enzymes.

- Ingredients have anti-inflammatory and fibrinolytic (anti-encapsulation) effect.

- Additionally supports circulatory and immune function.

INFLAMAZYME provides a blend of therapeutic enzymes to support immunity, digestion, and tissue healing. As humans have switched to a diet that focuses primarily on processed foods, dietary consumption of enzymes from raw foods has declined, enhancing the need for supplementation. Enzymes are the catalysts in all endogenous biochemical reactions. InflamaZyme is a broad- spectrum nutritional enzyme formula that supports numerous biological processes and overall body communication.*PANCREATIN is a mixture of several digestive enzymes: protease, amylase and lipase produced by the pancreas. Protease enzymes break down proteins by catabolizing the peptide bonds between amino acids. Amylase breaks down starches and lipase digests triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerols.

BROMELAIN was introduced as a medicinal agent in 1957, and since that time over 400 scientific papers on its therapeutic applications have been released in these studies. Bromelain has been reported to exert a wide variety of beneficial effects, including helping reduce inflammation in cases of joint disease, sports injury, and trauma as well as helping reduce swelling after trauma or surgery. PAPAIN, TRYPSIN AND CHYMOTRYPSIN are proteolytic enzymes. Administration of proteolytic enzymes may speed the healing of injuries. Proteolytic enzymes have allowed athletes to return to performance sooner than control groups. 

Chymotrypsin and trypsin have been shown to reduce edema and inflammation.

NATTOKINASE is created by the bacterial fermentation of soy beans by the bacterium Bacillus natto. Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi discovered and described this enzyme as “the enzyme of enzymes.” Nattokinase functions as a fibrinolytic. Daily use may help reduce the risk of thrombotic events that could otherwise threaten patients’ lives. Nattokinase promotes normal circulation and oxygen perfusion to tissues.

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