Nutrient X

Immune Balancing Complex


- Stress modulation.

- Nutritional support for proper immune function.

- Supports healthy response to infections and inflammation.

When you want a generalized immune balancing formula for your patient, Immune Balancing Complex is a truly complete product for immune support. It is formulated with ingredients that act synergistically to create a well-balanced immune response. The longer you use Immune Balancing Complex, the better it works. These nutrients act as nutritional support, not as substitution or replacement therapy. Botanicals that have shown a tendency to develop immune system resistance to their supportive properties, such as echinacea, have purposefully been left out. Immune Balancing Complex can be taken daily for long periods of time without concern of a blunted or decreased immune response.

IMMUNE BALANCING COMPLEX is designed to help balance the immune response. Therefore, it can safely be used in inflammatory conditions and by allergy patients. Balanced T Helper 1/T Helper 2 activity is key to a healthy immune system. 

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