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Garlic 7000


- Supports cardiovascular health.

- Nutritionally supports healthy cholesterol levels already within normal range.

- Promotes healthy immune function.

GARLIC 7000 is a potent and effective garlic product. The advantages for your patient are obvious. With Garlic 7000, your patients will be able to reach a therapeutic dose with fewer capsules per day and at a reasonable cost. Garlic 7000 is processed from the most potent raw garlic with great care to preserve its allicin content. It also provides other key ingredients such as allicin (S-allyl-cysteine sulfoxide), diallyldisulphide, diallytrisulphide, methylallytrisulphide, ajoene, germanium, and selenium. Its exceptionally high level of allicin enhance production of the enzymes catalase and glutathione peroxidase. Garlic has also been shown to protect the body from the damaging effects of nicotine.It has been traditionally used to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It helps prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and helps protect organs such as the liver. Garlic may be helpful in inhibiting plaque buildup and reducing fat accumulation in arterial cells. Garlic also supports the body in maintaining healthy blood flow. Ajoene (a constituent of garlic) inhibits platelet aggregation. Garlic has also been shown to increase fibrinolytic activity.Garlic has been shown useful in supporting healthy blood vessel function. Another benefit is the inhibition of inflammatory compounds such as cyclo-oxygenase and inflammatory prostaglandins. 

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