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Electrolyte Plus C


- Effervescent instant drink mix.

- Lemon-lime flavor.

- Super energy booster.

ELECTROLYTE PLUS C contains 1000 mg of vitamin C as mineral ascorbates, active coenzyme B complex vitamins, electrolytes, and lipoic acid in each convenient serving. Simply mix the effervescent powder in water or your favorite beverage for a refreshing and nourishing super energy-boosting drink. Electrolyte Plus C is a powerful antioxidant. The mineral ascorbates, coenzyme B vitamins, and antioxidants in Electrolyte Plus C support your cells’ mitochondrial metabolism.

VITAMIN C has a well-established reputation as an antioxidant. It has demon- strated its value in protecting tissues from oxidative damage. Plasma lipids are protected from oxidation in the presence of vitamin C. LDL cholesterol oxidation is inhibited with vitamin C. Cardiovascular health benefits from consistent vitamin C intake. This may be due to vitamin C’s benefit on blood pressure, circulation, blood vessel health, and reduction of cholesterol plaque. Vitamin C supports healthy immune function. It favorably regulates lymphocytes and may affect the regulation of cytokines, antibodies, and complement components. Vitamin C enhances phagocytic activity.

CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM, POTASSIUM, ZINC, MANGANESE, AND CHROMIUM form the elec- trolyte core of Electrolyte Plus C. These electrolytes support normal cellular metabolism. Nerve and muscle cells especially benefit from a healthy supply of electrolytes. Fatigue of the nervous system and/or muscle fatigue may benefit from Electrolyte Plus C use. Mineral electrolytes help support proper insulin response and regulation. This effect may support optimal blood sugar balance essential for stable,sustained energy.

POTASSIUM SUPPLEMENTATION has been shown to bring about small but significant reductions in blood pressure in those with mild to moderate blood pressure elevation.

MAGNESIUM’S ROLE as a cofactor in various crucial intracellular enzymatic reactions related to myocardial metabolism and contractility is well established. Potassium and magnesium support healthy heart function. Calcium and magnesium support  bone health and muscle function.

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