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Diabetone Plus


- Multifaceted nutritional support for healthy blood sugar regulation.

- Promotes healthy metabolism.

DIABETONE PLUS is a complete product that addresses blood sugar function and promotes healthy balance and regulation.

GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE is standardized for gymnemic acid content and has been shown to enhance pancreatic beta cell activity and reproduction. The result is improved endogenous insulin output.

VANADIUM (VANADYL SULFATE) is a salt that has demonstrated insulin-like effects on glucose metabolism. Vanadium appears to enhance insulin receptors at tissue receptor sites. Vanadium improves insulin sensitivity in NIDDM patients.

CHROMIUM has been shown to enhance glucose metabolism and transport, and insulin responsiveness in skeletal muscle and fat cells. Beneficial effects have also been noted on the serum lipids, cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol. 

ALPHA R-LIPOIC ACID improves insulin resistance in NIDDM patients. Alpha Lipoic Acid favorably influences the glucose transport proteins GLUT1 and GLUT4, thereby nutritionally supporting uptake and utilization.BIOTIN is a B vitamin shown to have insulin like effects and enhances glucose uptake at the insulin receptor site.

FENUGREEK SEED AND MOMORDICA (CHARANTIN) are natural herbal concentrates that have demonstrated improved glucose tolerance and improved glycemic control.Both herbs have been shown to reduce elevated serum glucose levels.

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