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Cognisure® provides a clinically researched, proline-rich polypeptide complex that supports healthy brain aging and healthy mental function. Cell research has shown that CogniSure's proline-rich polypeptide complex can maintain the integrity of beta-amyloid by modifying its metabo- lism. In animal and cell research, the active ingredient in CogniSure has provided antioxidant activity against many potentially damaging free radicals and increased the average lifespan.

  • May help maintain the integrity of beta-amyloid, a substance whose breakdown appears to be associated with certain aspects of normal brain aging—such as brain cell health.
  • Features a PRP complex that has been shown to increase the average lifespan of animals and cells.
  • Provides antioxidant activity against lipid peroxidation and induced production of nitric oxide, and may thereby help reduce oxidative stress.
  • Helps support healthy mental function during the aging process.

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