Nutrient X

Chole LVR


- Cholagogue support for healthy bile flow.

- Helps protect against fatty liver.

- Aid in liver/gallbladder detoxification support.

- Enhanced fat, fatty acid and fat-soluble nutrient emulsification and absorption.

- Chole LVR contains amino acid and botanical support for optimal liver and gallbladder function.

TAURINE has antioxidant activity and may be beneficial for lowering elevated cholesterol and reducing atherosclerotic plaque. Taurine has putative detoxifi- cation activity. Additional putative benefits include improved glucose tolerance and neurological support. Taurine is important for normal bile production. It conjugates with bile acids. Deficiency of taurine has been linked to cardiac disease in animal studies. Taurine has membrane-stabilizing properties conferring greater resistance to lipid peroxidation. Taurine, like the other sulfur amino acids cysteine and methionine, enhances endogenous glutathione synthesis.

BEET EXTRACT (BETA VULGARIS) in animal tests was effective against depositing fat in the liver. Beet extract is high in betaine, a natural methyl group donor that supports transmethylation processes in the liver. Beet extract reduces fatty liver and supports liver detoxification.OX BILE has been traditionally used to support patients with deficient bile output. Ox bile improves digestion and absorption of fatty acids, fats, and fat-soluble nutrients. Ox bile improves bile flow and is useful for biliary congestion conditions.

DANDELION (TARAXACUM OFFICINALE) is typically used for dyspeptic complaints, urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder stones, liver and gallbladder complaints, and loss of appetite. Dandelion has cholagogue, diuretic properties. Dandelion enhances normal bile flow and is helpful in congestion of the portal system. Traditional uses also include gout, rheumatic disorders, and skin diseases.

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