Nutrient X

Cardio Protect


- Supports coronary and systemic vascular circulation.

- Encourages healthy calcium metabolism.

- Helps protect cellular membranes and reduce LDL oxidation.

- Cardiovascular mitochondrial energy and muscle contraction support.

- Supports healthy methylation activity.

CARDIO PROTECT is a comprehensive formula designed to support the health of the heart and vascular system. Cardiovascular decline is a multifactorial condition that can be attributed to multiple abnormalities, including elevated blood pressure and bloodlipids, metabolic dysfunction, and impaired contraction of cardiac muscles. Cardio Protect provides therapeutic doses of nutrients and botanicals that support the many factors contributing to heart health.

VITAMIN B6, VITAMIN B12, AND FOLATE are essential for proper endogenous methylation activity and reducing levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that has been associated with increased cardiovascular risk. Although the exact mechanism by which homocysteine damages the vascular system is not entirely certain, it is believed to be via promotion of atherosclerotic plaque development and enhanced blood-clotting activity. In clinical trials, supplementation with vitamin B6, vitamin 

B12, and folate has been shown to reduce circulating homocysteine levels and therefore support cardiovascular health.

VITAMIN K2 (MENAQUINONE-7) plays an essential role in the modulation of aberrant calcium metabolism. Abnormal deposition of calcium in arteries and heart valves is a major risk factor for both cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. Vitamin K is a dependent cofactor for carboxylation of the human matrix GLA protein (MGP), a major inhibitor of arterial calcification. VitaminK2 as menaquinone-7 has been shown effective for maintaining calcium balance by helping keep calcium in the bones and out of the vascular media. In a large Dutch study, dietary intake of vitamin K2 was observed to correlate with reduced vascular calcification.

ACETYL L-CARNITINE/L-CARNITINE are involved in the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria for energy production. Levels of carnitine decline in cases of cardiovascular failure, especially if the heart muscles have limited oxygen supply. Supplementation with acetyl L-carnitine has been shown to improve ventricular function and vascular health.

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