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Blue Flame Purification Mask - 2 oz


The Astara Blue Flame Purification Mask gets super results and is Astara's most popular face mask. Ultra purification herbal and plant substances with natural therapeutic anti-bacterial, anti-microbial benefits, deeply extract and purify pores while nourishing and strengthening the skin's natural resistance. Excellent for most skin problems, especially blemishes. Use as overnight dot therapy on breakouts. The Blue Flame Mask works great as a preventive for skin problems, and generally to simply purify the skin.

Recommended for skin problems, excessive oiliness, and for anyone living in a city, or polluted environment.


Apply thinly to a cleansed face or other problem skin areas (chest, back, etc...). Avoid eye area. Allow to dry thoroughly. Rinse well.

Excessively oily skin and active problem skin: May be used daily or less frequently as desired until skin becomes more balanced.


  • Oily Skin: Use 2-4X per week.
  • Normal Skin: Use 1-2X per week.
  • Dry Skin: Use 1X per week or less frequently as desired.

  • Special Treatment: Generously dot blemishes with mask and leave on overnight.

    Special Foot Treatment: Use mask on fungus foot problems.

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