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• You need adequate protein to support muscle. 100% Greens & Whey powder contains 100% natural pure Ultra-Filtered/Micro-Filtered (UF/MF) Whey Protein Isolate. The Micro-Filtration method isolates the natural whey proteins in a highly concentrated form that is 99% undenatured and is fat free. High BCAA levels support your muscles while supporting positive nitrogen balance for muscle maintenance.

• Adequate nutrition keeps the body healthy. The 100% Greens & Whey blend includes phytonutrients.

• Proprietary Greens Blend includes antioxidants.

• Alfalfa Leaf Juice Powder and Barley Grass Juice Powder include chlorophyll.

• Both chlorella and spirulina include the goodness of natural whole foods.

• Third party verified to be free of artificial hormones

• Certified Gluten Free.

• Certified Vegetarian.

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